modest master bedroom


yay!!!! it's master bedroom reveal day. i have been dying to show you how it turned out. i gave you a sneak peak in february when i made a valentine's breakfast in bed, but now i can get into ALL the details that make this the most relaxing space. the perfect retreat to lounge in at the end of a long day or long week. i think it is safe to say buddy holly loves it too, but didn't enjoy me taking photos of her during her nap time (a.k.a all day nap time). originally i swore once the new bedding was in & the bedroom was complete, she wouldn't be allowed to sleep with the humans anymore. i wanted to get it fur free! that lasted, hmmm.. maybe two days before i caved & let my snuggle buddy back in the bed. how can you say no to those puppy eyes? anyways, let's dive right into the details of the master bedroom!

step one: the wallpaper & paint

when you move into a new (old) house, you essentially have a blank canvas to work with. the room was painted a dark beige with one wall of panelled wood. i knew i was going to add wallpaper in here, but the only wall that made sense to wallpaper was the one with the wood panels. i contemplated taking it out (crazy, i know), but i figured it would destroy the plaster wall. so we decided to paint it & wallpaper between each panel. it turned out AMAZING! so much more character & detail this way, i can't believe that i wanted to alter this in the first place! for the bedroom wallpaper i went with farrow & ball's aranami in grey. it looks so dreamy. it is a japanese inspired print named after waves, but it reminds me of fluffy clouds. they carry this in a dark blue print that i really want to incorporate SOMEWHERE in the house, i just don't know where! it is justin's favourite design from farrow & ball. the rest of the room i painted in farrow & ball's cornforth white, which isn't actaully white. it is a very light, soft grey that paired perfectly with the wallpaper. they all come from the same colour family, which is what i love about farrow & ball. they use their own paints to create the wallpaper so it is a perfect match everytime! not to mention the old style, chalky finish from the matte paint in estate emulsion finish. for the wood work i chose farrow & ball's wevet, a colour you hear a lot because i did ALL the wood work in wevet. lastly, we refinished all the old doors in medium soft grey which is farrow & ball's mole's breath. i love how all the colours came together in this space.

step two: the fixtures

in the hall way & other bedrooms i chose a very simple school house style semi-flush mount light. for the master bedroom, i wanted something bold. something that would stand out from the other rooms to show that this was the master bedroom. i ended up deciding on this oil rubbed bronze cedar & moss semi-flush mount chandelier from rejuvenation. i love a mix of black & brass accents, i stuck with this mix throughout the whole house as i didn't want to overkill the finishes in brass (hello 80's). i love how the black from rejuvenation's chandelier pulls from the door hardware & plaid wool throw blanket. to add in the brass, i used rejuvenation's fenton coverplates in aged brass. they really pop from the wallpaper & wallpaper as fancy as this deserves nice outlet plates. it is all about the details!

step three: the bedding

the last thing i chose was the bedding set. it is much easier to choose a duvet that will match once the rest of the room is finished! i was convinced i was going to go with grey bedding & keep the space monochromatic, but then i came across rough linen's dusk bedding. it is the softest, most delicate blush pink i have ever seen. i am so happy it went with all the grey tones while still providing a little pop of colour. rough linen's queen bed makeover includes the duvet cover, two shams, top sheet & two pillow cases. it also came with summer duvet which is going to be perfect for those hot summer nights ahead! the thickness of the summer cover is somewhere between a sheet & a duvet. we now have the best sleeps ever all wrapped up in fresh linen.

step four: the furniture

the bedroom set featured is the stria line from west elm. we have had this furniture since toronto, but slowly purchased each piece until we had the full set! it is made of reclaimed railway wood & stained in a warm honey finish. pictured here is the double bed, nightstands & six drawer dresser. they offer this line in a grey finish now too!

step five: the details

some other little details i want to point out include rejuvenation's grey jute rug . it was on sale & cost just over $100. such a steal! the round rose gold mirror is from west elm. the price wasn't exactly a bargain, but nice mirros never are! it is such a pretty focal point to grace our dresser & is worth every penny. lastly, the planter, vase & candle holder in the room are hand made by convivial productions. soon i will be adding fresh ivy to the hanging planter in the window!

hope you enjoyed seeing how the master bedroom turned out! there is also a full article on RUE MAGAZINE which you can check out here.

p.s. below are links to every item featured!