yours for the making: part one


a couple of weeks ago justin & i went back to our old stomping grounds in the city to attend a KitchenAid event with chef Corbin Tomaszeski! i remember watching chef Corbin on restaurant makeover back in my food network-obsessed high school days. it was so cool to meet him in person, watch him cook & enjoy the food he prepared for us. we also got to learn all about the newest products from KitchenAid that chef Corbin used to prepare our meals. seeing KitchenAid's latest products gave me so many ideas for our own kitchen! from a Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Freshvue™ Door-Within-Door (how cool is that), to new stand mixer attachments, to a Fully Integrated Dishwasher with a Pocket Handle!

today i am going to give you a little run down on the dishwasher, and save the details on the new stand mixer attachments for my next post! just wait till you see them.. good thing christmas is right around the corner.

now, a dishwasher is something justin & i are in need of. the one that came with the house seems to be a little leaky so we just avoid it all together. it also runs the longest wash cycle of life & sounds like it is working extra hard with the amount of noise it makes. ironically, it is the exact same dishwasher my condo in toronto had & i avoided it then too!

KitchenAid's new "Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Pocket Handle" looks so high end & sleek. it is designed to seamlessly blend into any kitchen style. the dishwasher features a front status display to show where you are in the cycle which is a good thing because it’s so quiet, you hardly know that it’s on! i love the bottle wash feature – if you’re into morning smoothies or dealing with baby bottles, this is for you! lastly, it is available in black stainless and "PrintShield" stainless steel to resist smudges which i love! i know everyone loves the look of stainless steel in a kitchen but i feel like i am constantly cleaning fingerprints/drip marks off of my fridge and dishwasher. so happy to see this one is smudge resistant. given the amount of dishes i do on a daily basis (you don't even want to know, trust me), i think a good dishwasher like this is such a worthy investment.

this post was created in partnership with Kitchenaid Canada. #yoursforthemaking