a nespresso morning in modest house


today i am partnering with Nespresso to share my Nespresso morning routine in the newly lived in modest house (yay!!!!). the small town life is night & day compared to the city life i left behind this past summer. but with big changes comes new routines & new morning rituals. no more stepping outside my condo & being surrounded by the latest bakery, cafe or coffee shop that has opened up. while there are always going to be some things i miss about living in downtown toronto, i can safely say these changes are for the better. i am now able to do things i couldn't even dream of in the city, let alone the fact that i get to shoot in an actual KITCHEN. the kitchen has become not just a place to cook & bake, but my studio for all my freelance photography work as well. you are kind of getting a sneak peak in today's post with that beautiful brass cedar + moss pendant light hanging above the sink, but you will have to wait a little bit longer to see the rest of it (still working on the faucets, chandelier + reclaimed open shelving being installed).

on my weekday mornings, i start my day off by brewing a fresh cup of Nespresso in my VertuoLine Evoluo machine before pulling out the necessary props & ingredients needed for my shoot that day. the VertuoLine Evoluo machine is the perfect size as it is not bulky nor does it take up much counterspace. even as a freelance worker, i try to stick to a monday to friday schedule so my weekends are clear for justin & i. my two favourite blends of Nespresso are the newly added "solelio" & "giornio". i love the shiny & bold colours of the capsules as it adds some bright colour to my mornings & counter tops. the giornio is my go-to weekday blend for it's floral & velvety taste. it is a medium roast with toasted cereal tones that gives me all the energy i need to get through the work day, okay maybe an extra dose at lunch is needed sometimes too. on relaxed weekend mornings, i opt for the bright yellow solelio capsule. solelio is a fruity & lightly-bodied blend enriched by delicate red fruit aromas. it is perfectly balanced & light for my relaxed weekend mornings. my parents are always excited to come over & pick which nespresso capsule to brew. i have an assortment of colours & it truly feels like picking from a fancy box of chocolates every single time!

my absolute favourite thing these days is to enjoy my morning cup of coffee cozied up in a blanket out on the front porch every saturday & sunday morning with justin. we people watch & see all the friendly people of the town walk by with their big shaggy dogs or little kiddies being pulled in wagons. this is certainly something i didn't get to experience on a tiny eleventh floor condo balcony & i have never met such friendly people in my life! for now, the porch is all decked out & looking super cute for the fall with a ton of pumpkins i picked up at the pumpkin patch last week. i always go a little over board when picking up my fall decor & i can't wait to carve them next week! i am already dreaming of & collecting decorations/lights for the christmas season next too!

this post was created in partnership with Nespresso! thank you for supporting the brands that keep me doing what i love. you can find my two favourite capsules of choice here: solelio & giornio. share your Nespresso Morning  + Moments & find the Nespresso Boutiques here