photography portfolio with blurb books


today's post is something a little different then what i usually share on hey modest marce! instead of a recipe post i am focusing on the food photography & styling work i have created for modest marce over the years. i think it is safe to say photography is a huge part of my blog, but it made me sad that literally ALL of my content was digital. i had no hard work to show for it, just images sitting in a folder on my desktop. when blurb books asked me to create a photography book featuring all my hard work i was so excited!!!! i would FINALLY get to see my pictures in print & in the exact style i imagined.

blurb books is an independent, creative book-making platform that helps you create *photo books & magazines in print or digital formats. the templates are professionally designed for you, so all you really have to do is decide which images you want to incorporate into the book. trying to narrow down my favourite images out of the thousands to choose from was the most difficult part for me! then you get to choose the cover style, end sheets & the paper when you are ready to send your book to print. i got the swatch kit so i could see & feel the pages in person before deciding on which paper i wanted to go with. there is something i absolutely LOVE about a food image printed on raw, uncoated paper. it looks rustic & fits well with the style of my photography. i used the polaroids i captured over the summer as inspiration on how i wanted my prints to look in person. i love the subtle & desaturated tones produced with real film.

anyways, i hope you enjoy seeing this blurb books as much as i loved making it! i highly suggest making your own if not for a portfolio, but for keep sake to yourself. everything these days is digital & it is nice to see something real once in a while. i got a feeling this blurb books will be proudly displayed on my coffee table for years to come:)

this post was created in partnership with blurb books!  my book features a hardcover image wrap with proline uncoated paper & light grey proline end sheets:) thank you for supporting the brands that keep modest marce up & running! xo