orange raspberry lime popsicles


i hope you aren't sick of popsicles yet!!! kidding, i don't think it is possible when it's this hot outside. popsicles take no time to make & involve no heat elements (cause some days i don't even want to think of turning on that gas flame). simply prep these before bed & you will wake up to a batch of delicious (healthy) popsicles. up until now i have mostly done yogurt based popsicles, but i thought it was time for a dairy free version. bonus points: these contain no refined sugars & a whole lot of fresh fruit! one layer is made from freshly squeezed oranges while the other layer is made from freshly pureed raspberries. both include zevia's mandarin orange sparkling water which is lightly sweetened with stevia & has the perfect amount of orange flavour to lend to the popsicles. happy almost friday friends! get these in the freezer tonight for the perfect friday treat:)


for the orange layer

for the raspberry layer


  • for the orange layer: stir together the orange juice, mandarin orange sparkling water, honey & lime zest. pour into popsicle molds filling them half way. pop in to the freezer while you prepare the raspberry layer!

  • for the raspberry layer: in a blender puree the raspberries, mandarin orange sparkling water, raw honey and lime zest. run mixture through a strainer to remove any raspberry seeds. pour into popsicle molds filling them to the top. freeze overnight & enjoy!

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