happy june first! here is a little photography i took over the past few days. this weekend in toronto had probably the worst weather in months. it rained all day saturday & sunday, plus the temperature decided to drop well below 10 degrees. however, we still managed to hit up a lot of toronto food spots! starting with a picnic by the waterfront friday night (before the rain hit), we ate sandwiches, drank old fashioned cream soda and got swarmed by the little black city bugs. saturday, knowing the rain was not going to stop we spent most of it indoors (eating). the day began with (loads of coffee) a souvlaki chicken lunch at it's all GRK on west queen west, an afternoon movie, freshly fried nutella doughnuts from fancy franks (sorry, they were devoured before i could take a good photo), and ended with a late night pizza dinner at the good son. as i have mentioned before the good son is my favourite restaurant ever.. and its not JUST because the entire restaurant is stocked with le creuset & old fashioned clocks:) sunday i finally got to go to liberty village's farmers market! even though it was kind of freezing and rainy, i came out with a massive bunch of rhubarb and strawberries (hint hint: pie is coming). to end off a lazy sunday, we ended up back at the good son (i swear, it's THAT good) for huevos rancheros, a dish i will never be able to pronounce properly,