if you are a food blogger, you probably take a lot of photos! which means, you probably own a camera of some sort. this morning i decided i wanted to turn my plain black camera strap into something fun! something more me. so i searched through some pendleton fabric scraps i had lying around from my etsy shop & found the perfect little piece. this piece would have been thrown out if i had not come up with this idea! what a waste that would have been;) i will teach you how to turn your boring old black camera strap into something as funky as your personality and style! this may not be a food post, but DIY anything are fun. you don't need a machine, or anything fancy! just a needle, thread, and your two hands. here we go.

ingredients;) errr... you will need:

  • sewing needle
  • thread to match fabric of choice
  • scissors
  • pins
  • scrap of your favourite fabric [i used pendleton's mini journey west]
  • existing camera strap [i used the one my canon rebel came with]


  1. cut fabric to match the length and width of the camera strap, leaving an additional 1/2 inch on each end and side.
  2. begin to pin fabric to existing camera strap carefully folding the 1/2 inch sides under, but DO NOT pin it to the back side of the strap, just tuck it under & into the top.
  3. once the fabric is pinned straight and neatly, use a needle and thread and begin to top stitch the fabric down to the ends and sides of the camera strap (NOTE: i did not top stitch all the way through to the textured back side of the strap as i didn't want the seams to look messy, i only stitched through the first layer of the existing camera strap fabric.
  4. continue in until all sides are sewn down neatly. take the time & be patient as it is tedious work, but once finished you too will have a camera strap that looks $50 worth a million bucks:)