fig, honey & almond dutch baby


okay, before i get started talking about this dutch baby.. can we talk about how beautiful fresh figs are? i get excited everytime i get to photograph them, which isn't as often as it should be. should i make 2018 the year of fresh figs? i think there will be a fig decorated cake in the near future...

now this fig, honey & almond dutch baby! you know by now how much i love making a dutch baby dish for breakfast. it is like a puffed pancake topped with fresh fruit, powdered sugar & whipped cream. this one is a little different then usual though. i incorporated equal parts bob's red mill super fine almond flour & bob's red mill organic all purpose flour in the batter. i also sweetened it with a touch of honey. the consistency of bob's red mill's super fine almond flour is perfect for baking as it produces a smooth final dish.

i also drizzled the cooked dutch baby with honey opposed to my usual maple syrup because honey pairs so well with fresh figs. i don't think there is a single person who wouldn't want to wake up on a sunday morning to this dish! while you can use any type of oven safe frying pan, i highly recommend sticking to a cast iron skillet. it really helps crisp and brown the edges & crust.



  • in a blender add the eggs, whole milk, all purpose flour, almond flour, vanilla, 2 teaspoons honey and sea salt. blend until smooth. let mixture rest for 20 minutes at room temperature.
  • while mixture rests, place the cast iron skillet in the oven and preheat to 450 degrees.
  • once oven is heated, remove skillet from oven (be careful it is very hot) and add the butter to the pan. swirl the butter around the pan until it is fully melted.
  • immediately pour in the batter and place it back in oven.
  • bake for 20 minutes, until it puffs and the edges are golden brown. do not open the oven door while the dutch baby is baking!
  • top with powdered sugar, figs and drizzle with remaining honey.
  • slice and serve with a dallop of fresh whipped cream.

this post was created in partnership with bob's red mill! thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. xo