hygge guest bedroom


it is finally guest bedroom reveal day!!!! you may have seen a little sneak peak over on rue magazine in july, but today i am sharing ALL the design details! this room sat empty for the first year as our focus was on finishing the main living areas of modest house. once those were complete it was time to design the ultimate retreat for future guests. my focus was on keeping the design minimal, monochromatic & cozy a.k.a HYGGE! ok, now let's get into those details..

step one: the bedroom set

the first thing we decided on was the furniture for the space. when i came across asher bedroom set from rove concepts, it was everything i had envisioned for the space. i designed the rest of the space around these gorgeous pieces of furniture. the asher line has a modern mid century flair complete with rose gold pulls on the dresser & night stands! rove concepts makes such simple & clean pieces that it caters to just about any style. i opted for the asher wide dresser as our old home lacks closet space so this is the perfect piece of furniture to store some of our extra clothing pieces as well. the asher nightstands come in two styles; one drawer or two drawer. to keep clutter to a minimum i opted for the two drawer design as i think it is always best to maxamize storage space! the furniture quality is everything i could have hoped for & more. the asher bed is low to the ground making it easy for anyone to get into, even buddy holly who is looking right at home in this space. wait a minute, is this the guest room or buddy holly's room?!

step two: paint

when it came to deciding the wall colour for the guest room space white was the obvious choice giving the hygge scandanavian vibes i was aiming for! but WHAT SHADE OF WHITE?! literally, picking white is the most stressful colour of paint to choose. you don't realize how many options there are & each shade seriously looks so different when you put them next to each other. because i absolutely loved the way farrow & ball's all white turned out in the bathroom & ceilings, we decided to stick with it for this room too. all white is exactly what it says, no other tones in it but white! we painted both the ceilings & walls in the all white to give it a seamless look, especially when old plaster walls are anything but seamless. we went with a grey white for the trim and used farrow & ball's wevet. lastly, like every other interior door in the house, we stuck to farrow & ball's mole's breath.

step three: the rug

this braided ivory wool rug was the best budget friendly find! it is 100% wool making it so inexpensive compared to all the other wool rugs online. i was a little worried about the quality since it was an online order, but it is actually perfect. it is my first piece from RUGS USA & now i want the same one for the master bedroom too. the braied wool looks so cozy & really helped tie together those hygge vibes.

step four: the details

i kept the decor very simple and versatile given that it is a guest room. i want the space to feel relaxing without being cluttered with things or looking empty. the grey linen bedding is from crate & barrel (it is on clearence right now FYI), as well as the variety of vases that grace the dresser. i decorated the bed with linen pillows in various shades of grey made by my mom & filled the wicker baskets (also from crate & barrel) with extra pendleton wool blankets incase guests get cold at night! the gorgeous grey wool throw on the bed came all the way from ireland. my parents brought it back for me on their trip to ireland this past spring knowing my obsession with wool everything.

lastly, instead of hanging a ton of wall art i kept the walls clean with the exception of the hand made ivory hanging weave over the bed frame. i purchased it from the local shop oliver & rust. if you haven't noticed through my instagram feed i love this store & am so happy to be steps away from it! i found the ivy planter & the concrete planter for each night stand there too. PLUS that cute little ceramic pear! i am obsessed with it & got one for the mantel as well.

anyways, that is everything you need to know about the guest bedroom in modest house! our dream is to one day own a bed & breakfast, so having the perfect guest retreat is a nice way to start.

master bath refresh


in my opinion, spring is the perfect time for a little bathroom refresh! now i can't take full credit for this gorgeous bathroom. the previous owner had already done the most beautiful renovation featuring a marble shower & a custom marble vanity. it was one of the features in the house that won my heart over. it is the only full bathroom in the house, but unlike every couple on hgtv i really didn't care about an ensuite. one full bathroom featuring both a bathtub & shower was plently! who wants to clean multiple bathrooms anyways? not me. there was just some minor things i wanted to change to the space & personalize it with my own touch.

step one: the paint

the original colour of the space was a powder blue. i am not big on colour when it comes to wall paint (or anywhere) so i knew i wanted to change it to white. we actually ended up having to paint it TWICE! the first colour i chose turned out just awful, it had a beige tone to it & simply looked like a dirty off white. FARROW AND BALL TO THE RESCUE! i talked with my friend over at dreamy white lifestyles who seems to have done her research when it came to finding the perfect shade of white. i wanted something with no undertones so she recommended her favourite colour all white! farrow and ball's all white in estate emulsion is perfect. it is clean, bright & has that perfect chalky finish. i stuck to farrow and ball's wevet for the trim to match the rest of the house, which is actually a touch darker then the walls & has a slight grey hue to it. it is something you don't notice in the other rooms, but when you put it up to a clean white you finally see the hint of grey! lastly, i painted the door farrow and ball's mole's breath to bring in a touch of grey & pull from those marble veins.

step two: the lighting

the previous lighting in the space was very classy & square, but i tend to lean towards more school house & industrial vibes. the mirror was a huge frameless mirror that i had no intentions of changing, but we accidentally broke it when we painted! so i chose to get both the mirror & light fixtures from restoration hardware. i am obsessed with this store, but we all are.. right?! i am so happy how the shadeless sconce lights look along side the chrome framed mirror. i chose the same school house style light fixture for the spare room & office, but in the bathroom i went for the clear shade instead of the milk glass. the clear shade looks a little more elegant & i love how the vintage edison bulb is visible to match the scones lights.

step three: the hardware

the faucets in the sink, tub & shower are all moen's kingsley line. the hardware, however was not. i managed to find all the matching pieces to moen's kingsley line on wayfair (p.s. yay to free shipping in canada)! they sell the faucets featured in this space too. i installed a toilet paper holder, towel bar, glass shelf & towel hook in the matching chrome finish. the beautiful shelf above the bath is the perfect spot to hold candles as well as a place to rest your glasses/jewlery before you get into the bath tub. the towel hook i installed next to the shower makes it so much easier to just grab your towel before getting out of the shower. it is WAY to cold to get out & search for a towel! lastly, that cute modern farmhouse basket where i store the extra towels is from wayfair as well. it is perfect to hold just about anything in & even comes in a copper finish!!!

step four: the linens

i chose the same rough linen bath makeover that i used in the powder room design. not to sound like a broken record, but i just can't get enough of rough linen's linen! the quality, the texture.. everything about it is perfect. trish (the owner) did such an amazing job sourcing the perfect fabric. featured are the "natural" coloured linens, but i think the grey would look just as amazing! i just saw they released linen baby blankets now too, i kind of want to get one for buddy. she is close enough to a little baby! maybe it would keep her out of my linen bedding every morning, but doubtful.

check out all the sources at the links below:)

modest (great) room


the great room is COMPLETE! okay, i'm not sure if this is technically considered a great room or just a living room but i like the term great room better. sounds more epic & i would say this room turned out just that. like i did with the powder room i am going to breakdown each design element for you! over all my goal with this room was to create a cozy, rustic, monochromatic all while keeping things a bit fancy. we decided not to turn this into a family room because the old features were way too classy for that. instead the family room is a work in progress! we are going to turn the third floor loft/attic space into the ultimate hangout zone. now let's get into the details of this room!

step one: the wallpaper & paint

putting in wallpaper here was a no brainer, just like the rest of the house. what started in just one room is slowly escalating to the entire house. i just love the charm it brings! for this room i wanted to do a subtle wallpaper, something i would never get sick of & that you only really notice if you look carefully. farrow & ball had the perfect print for that: amime. while this print is named after the space between netting inspired by japanese fishermen, i find it looks so woodsy! it goes perfect with warm woods & antler pieces. the actual colour of the wallpaper is farrow & ball's purbeck stone so it was a very easy decision to paint the rest of the room in purbeck stone. i chose farrow & ball's wevet for the fireplace + trim as it is a a bright white with the most subtle hint of grey. it makes for a clean, blank slate mantel for candle sticks, vases & of course a silver fox.

step two: textiles

there wasn't a whole lot of textiles to determine, mainly just the curtains, pillows & the rug. i chose simple white linen curtains from rough linen. they help bring in that old world charm while also providing the perfect amount of natural light & privacy. don't they just look so dreamy paired with that brass deer head curtain rod? secondly, i went with a mix of linen & mud cloth pillows from loom goods. i LOVE pillows so i added a lot to the room design & you can bet buddy has made every single one hers. she loves the down fill because she can shape it as she pleases. lastly... the rug! it was so hard to pick a rug that wasn't going to clash with the wallpaper. or so i thought! but the wallpaper ended up looking so simple that i was able to choose a rug that had a subtle design to it. this handwoven rug is the woodmere rug from rejuvenation. i love that it pulls in the whites, greys, black & even gold!

step three: the marble & brass

because this room is all pot lights thus doesn't allow for a bold light fixture, i really focused on the details of everything else. i added a marble fireplace hearth that i got custom made from a local stone shop, brass switch plates from rejuvenation, brass laterns, brass curtain rod & a brass table + floor lamp. the laterns & vases are from crate & barrel, the table lamp is from west elm (along with the couch/library chair) & the floor lamp is from restoration hardware. i saw a gorgeous coffee table from restoration hardware made from reclaimed wood, but justin & i cannot decide if we should splurge on it or not! the one featured here is a piece we made years ago when i found a brand new broken butcher block on the side of the road. the last little bit of detail i added in are the brass fireplace tools & long holder from crate & barrel. okay, so the fireplace doesn't ACTUALLY work at the moment. the previous owner closed off the chimney, so i can only imagine there is a major issue with it. one day we plan to get it back in use! for now the logs add a sense of warmth & coziness. while it sounds like i added in a ton of brass features, each is subtle & adds a touch of elegance to everything. i love bringing in golds without going overly gaudy. i also love a mix of old & new, i mean how perfect does that gold switch plate look next to the brass diamond door knob that is original to the house (as well as the french door)!

step four: wall art

i have the MOST trouble deciding on wall art. i never know what i should frame! but then i came across framebridge & it made everything so much easier. you get to custom frame your own prints & decide on all the details. naturally i framed a huge picture of buddy holly & judging by her face in all the photos she is pretty proud of it.

for a complete list of sources, check out the links below!